Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Color Change...Oh to be a Gemini

Ok so I've changed my mind on the colors for our wedding yet again. This is mostly stemming from the fact that I found out today that a friend of ours who is getting married in March of next year is using blue and red for her colors. Those were mine, darn it!

I asked my mister what other color combinations he liked and he suggested blue and yellow. I really want to keep blue because that's his favorite color and one of mine. And I do love yellow. This way we don't have to worry about the wedding looking patriotic...yay!
What do you guys think? Do the colors work? Is it weird to use blue and bright yellow for a wedding in November?


  1. I think that a nice harvest yellow or golden yellow with a darker blue would be fabulous for any wedding, even one in November!

  2. I agree with a bride...again with the dark blue with a golden yellow for fall. It would be really nice!

  3. I love blue and yellow...were using a tealish blue and a lemon like yellow. We were thinking of lemons in the centerpieces and yellow calla lilies for our bridesmaids. Congrats to you! Im going to use blue hydrangeas for my bouquet! :)