Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Bridesmaid Newletter

After seeing many other brides write newsletters for their bridesmaids I decided this was a must-do on my to-do list. Last Sunday, I designed and wrote my first newsletter. It took most of the day, but luckily I had the whole day free to play around with it. I think it came out rather nice.

It seemed important for me to do because all my bridesmaids live far from me and far from each other. It served as a way to keep in touch with the projects I'm working on as well as getting to know each other.
Here's a quick tutorial on how I made my newsletter:

1. Research online for various newsletter templates. I found mine on Microsoft Word templates. (You can just download the template. However, I just used it as a guide and created my own. That way I had more freedom over colors and graphics and such.)

2. In Microsoft Word, I started playing around with tables. It's basically a 4-column table with some cells merged together. If you're not familiar with tables in Word, play around with them a bit before making your newsletter.

3. Once I created my table structure, I started brainstorming what content I wanted to include in the newsletter. I chose to write bios for my 3 maids, what they're going to wear, what their jobs are going to be and what projects I'm working on.

4. I just started typing on each topic. Go back through after you get your thoughts down and edit, elaborate, etc.

5. Last I just went in and added flair. I changed fonts, played with colors and added photos and clipart.

All of my maids really enjoyed reading it. I plan on writing a few more before the big day to keep them updated and informed on all my planning and projects. Good luck and happy writing!

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