Sunday, August 23, 2009

They Love Me!

Yay! All my girls accepted. The first is my big sister and best friend. If she didn't accept I would have disowned her...haha, just kidding. But seriously... She will be my co-MOH.

Next is my close friend Leesa who lives here in Austin. I met her through my fiance over 2 years ago and she's married to one of the mister's best friends. We share a lot of the same interests and she's just a great person. Bonus is she just got married last year so she's my go-to girl for experience. She's also the only one of my three that has been a bridesmaid before so hopefully she'll be able to guide the other two. She's my other co-MOH.

Last is my friend/sorority sister from college, Jenna. I never thought we'd be friends after school. We always had one of those love/hate relationships but since graduating we've been close. She lives in CA so only get to see her once a year usually but I just could imagine my wedding without her there!

I can't wait to start planning and celebrating with my ladies. Next up, my first bridesmaid newsletter!

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