Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I May Be Biting Off More than I Can Chew....

...But I've got a big mouth. :)

So I sat down last night and tried to list off all the DIY projects that I want to tackle by October 2010. The grand total came out to 23. Eeek!

Sounds like a lot right? I think I'll be ok though. I'm gonna start right away and my sister is moving back in to town and offered to help with any and all projects I've got lined up.

So I may be crafting from here to eternity but that's ok. It'll keep me busy, and me busy is definitely a good thing. And it'll be some quality bonding time that I've definitely been missing with my big sis.

Here's my list so far:

1. Favors
2. Guest Book
3. Cake
4. Centerpieces
5. Veil
6. Garter
7. Sash for dress
8. Invitations
9. STDs
10. Programs
11. Bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages
12. Stair decorations at venue
13. Pomanders
14. Thank you cards
15. OOT bags
16. Sandals basket
17. Card box
18. Boudoir photos
19. Table Numbers
20. Sweethearts table/signs/log carving
21. Photobooth
22. Maps for website/directions
23. Reserved signs for ceremony seating

Everyone keeps telling me start as soon as possible, time's gonna fly! Well I'm on it and I'm sure I'll add more and take away some.

How many DIY projects did you plan to tackle? Did you actually do all of them?


  1. Oh goodness, I haven't counted them up, but a LOT! I've got lots that I haven't started on yet, but I have until June thankfully!

  2. Definitely start now!!! I haven't really counted mine, because they grow as the days go, but I've got a lot of them done already and my wedding isn't until May! I really don't want to be messing with anything that last month or so if I don't have to!