Friday, January 8, 2010


So the girls on Weddingbee set up a meet up at Chuys tonight and I was so excited to go. So at 5:45 and jumped in my car and headed to the restaurant. Found a parking spot and walked to the front door.

And bam! A freakin' wall of people. What the heck? Oh crap! It's January 8th. Every January 8th Chuys throws a birthday party for Elvis. Damn.

PS....I love love love Elvis! Happy Birthday Elvis!

Well there was no way I was ever finding anyone inside. So I stood outside for 15 minutes and hoped I'd recognize one of the bees walk past me. Hoping against hope that I'd recognize one of them from the pictures on their blogs.

Buuuuttt no dice. It is absolutely freezing outside and my toes were going numb so I gave up. Poo. Hopefully there'll be another meet up soon and hopefully not on a dead rockstar's birthday!


  1. Sorry you didnt get to meet with the BEEs I think I would have been dissapointed too. Love Elvis though!

  2. Awww that is too bad! I wouldn't have even thought about the Elvis' bday thing!

  3. that stinks! Hopefully you will have better luck with a future meetup