Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gettin' the Girls All Fancified!

Yep, sorry there's been a break again. I had to travel back to NJ last week for a wedding. (I'll post on that in the next post.)

So I realized the other day that I never wrote about how fabulous my girls will look on my wedding day. When I started planning I decided that I wanted each girl to have a dress that looked great on them and fit into their budgets. I wanted them to feel comfortable standing up in front of all those people ( I know I sure as hell won't...eek!).

Anyways so I originally told them to start looking for medium blue (royal), knee-length dresses. I figured that was a pretty basic color they'd be able to find just about anywhere. And luck was on my side because as soon as stores started switching to their winter lines lots of blue popped in!

However, concerns were expressed that the girls wouldn't all be able to find shades of blue that went together (they didn't need to match, but no clashing would be nice) and some weren't exactly sure of the color blue I was talking about. So I changed gears.

I started looking into bridesmaid dresses at places that offered dresses in different styles (I still want my girls to look hot) and in a couple different shades of blue. After researching for awhile I settled on J. Crew. They've got a lot of options and two shades of blue that will look awesome together and at least 5 different styles that will look awesome on my girls.I sent out an email with the options and all the girls loved them. They each chose a different style (I want them to look like individuals) and one is in one color (I think it's called vintage blue) and then the other two are in the other (Mediterranean blue). They're going to look awesome!!!

The first dress is the Sophia and it comes in Mediterranean blue. My Co-MOH/Big sis, Sarah will be wearing this one. The second dress is the Juliet and it's vintage blue. That will be worn by BM Jenna. The last dress, which comes in the Mediterranean blue, is the Cecelia and that will be worn by Co-MOH Leesa.

The only thing that didn't carry over from my original plan was to have them spend whatever they wanted. By me choosing dresses for them, they were "forced" to pay a certain amount. I did run it by them in advance though and all seemed ok with the price.

In addition to the dress I have asked my girls to wear black shoes. They can wear something they already own or they can use this as an excuse to purchase something new. I figured black is good because they can for sure wear the shoes again.

As far as accessories go, I think I'm just going to ask them to accessorize however they see fit. They all have such unique styles when it comes to accessories that I don't want to lock them in to one style. Besides this way they're completely happy with how they look and what they're wearing.

How did you chose your bridesmaids' dresses? Did you give them flexibility or is everyone wearing the same thing?


  1. My BM's are all wearing one of the vintage blue J Crew dresses as well :) Love it!

  2. If you follow Weddingbee, my girls are wearing the same dresses as Miss Buttons girls and in the same colors. Weird, huh? I guess we all just have great taste!