Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Real Wedding: A Recap

Last weekend I headed back up to New Jersey with my mister and my sister for my cousin's wedding. He was getting married to a girl in Central Pennsylvania that he met at college. It was a very simple afternoon church wedding followed by a reception with dinner and dancing. So let's start at the beginning and I'll show you the wedding through pictures.

The ceremony started with the mother of the bride and groom lighting candles to represent the bride and groom. The two candles would later be used to light the unity candle.

Then the groom and groomsmen entered from the side door and waited from the girls to arrive.

Next each bridesmaid made her way down the aisle followed by the bride and her father. (side note: the maid of honor came down the aisle first in a short dress as acting flower girl and then ran out the door and back around back, slipped into her bridesmaid dress and came down the aisle again.)

They said their vows.

And the happy couple was announced husband and wife!

So they excited the church, we showered them with bubbles and then they circled back in to take pictures. Next up, the reception.

I don't have many pictures from the reception, so I'll finish up the recap with a cake cutting photo and the first dance.

It was a very nice wedding. I hope you enjoyed my recap. I leave you with one more photo of me and my mister. It's the first time in over our 2 years of dating that we've ever danced together. We need practice. We've got to work on our moves for our big day but it was a start.