Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Biggest Wedding Decision

So I'm sure to most girls, the biggest decision they make during the wedding planning process is choosing the right dress or the right location. For me, it's the cake. Afterall, I do decorate cakes for a living. So I ask you, why is it such a hard decision for me? I see cakes all day every day, yet I can not decide.

So here's what I've compiled so far (keep in mind none of the colors are right on these cakes, I was more attracted to the designs):

I love the nature-y, simple feel of this first cake.

These next two I like the stripe-y pattern.

I really like how this cake is simple and detailed all at the same time.

I just thought this paisley-ish pattern was nice and refreshing.

This is by far my favorite. I love the use of M & Ms. How fun, right?

So by now you can probably tell I like simple. But I'm also very indecisive and I just can't figure it out. It really shouldn't be that tough.

So instead I'm moving on to toppers. I never thought I'd have a topper but then I found a couple that I fell in love with so we'll see. Here they are:

I love this first one because it's rustic and I can totally display this after the wedding in my house.

This one I like because it's so us. I love to pinch my mister's butt much to his dismay, I might add. Hehe :)
Now that I write this post I think it may have helped me make my decision. I think I may go with the M&Ms design. I really do love that cake and I found it a few months before we even got engaged when I was researching wedding cakes for my mom's wedding.

Which topper do you think goes with the M&Ms cake better? What was your hardest decision in wedding planning? Was it something that comes easily to a lot of other brides?


  1. I'm still haven't decided on the cake I will do either. I have the Willow Tree Wedding Cake Topper and I love it. I got it for Christmas. I'm a really simple person too so I understand what you are saying! Good luck picking your cake.

  2. I really like the third one, but the M&M one is really unique!

  3. While the dress and venue and many other things have consumed a lot of my thought process, the cake is by far the 'worst' thing we've had to deal with in our wedding decision process. Our cake was included in our wedding package and we had some very specific ideas about what we hoped for all of which are now being left in the gutter as we find out how much they want to charge us or how difficult they will be to create :( Needless to say, it is one of the few things we're still trying to finalize. sigh

  4. I love that first topper, Jenn, because it says love to me... but that's me - sappy - while you are more about humor. :)

  5. I love the third cake too with the pink ribbon. The M&M cake is very neat...but it looks difficult and may be expensive to put together. And PS I saw the Willow Tree cake topper in person and loved it...its very sweet and beautiful. Wasnt the right one we were looking for but I almost got it! :) Might just get it to have it.