Monday, April 26, 2010

I am (an Indecisive) Woman, Hear Me Roar

Thus begins the catering drama. Which actually isn't that drama-filled at all. I am just indecisive. Ask anyone. Ask my fiance. It bugs the crap out of him. So anyways, let's rewind and start at the beginning.

After we got engaged one of the first things we discussed was food. As giant food lovers, of course it was top on the list. Originally we were thinking some nice authentic Texas BBQ would be great. We really wanted to get it from our favorite place, Rudy's. Just picture it, sliced brisket and turkey, creamed corn, buttered potatoes, the works! I got a quote and everything and it was within our budget, but then we decided, after finding out some friends of ours who were getting married 8 months before us were having BBQ at their wedding we changed our minds.

We moved towards the next best option, Tex Mex - by far our favorite type of food. I emailed my favorite Tex Mex place, El Arroyo to get a quote on fajitas. We wanted to keep it simple with just fajitas, beans and rice and then some chips and dip.

But then I figured I should be sensible and get at least one more quote for fajitas from somewhere else because that's what any sensible bride would do right?

The mister came home one night from work with a recommendation from a co-worker for a catering company called Dagar's. He used them for his wedding a few years ago and it was delicious. So we headed to their next open house to sample some of their fine cooking for ourselves. And let me tell was freaking delicious! Yummy!

Now in steps fate (maybe). We were in our favorite burrito joint, Freebirds, and as I was paying at the register I noticed a little flier that said, "We Cater". OMG, seriously? How perfect would it be to have our favorite burritos at our wedding? Hmmm, the only drawback may be that it seems a bit informal.

Ugh, what to do, what to do? (I know I know, you haven't really seen the true form of my indecisiveness yet, but you just wait, it's coming! Are you ready for it?)

Up next: Where are we getting our food from for the big day?

Did ya'll have trouble deciding what food to have at your wedding?

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