Saturday, April 24, 2010

We're Gonna Be Models for the Day!

I finally get to use all those moves I've learned from watching all however many seasons of America's Next Top Model I've watched over the years. I've got to smile with my eyes, know how to pose from head to toe, etc. Haha, just kidding. Even if I did know how to do all that stuff, which I don't, I wouldn't anyways. And my mister sure as hell doesn't know how to do that stuff. He wouldn't even know what I was talking about.

So what am I talking about? Engagement photos! It's the big day. The sun is shining and at 5pm today we'll be meeting our photographer, Nathan Russell, in downtown Austin for our photo shoot! (If you can't tell, I'm super duper stoked!)

We're gonna start downtown with an awesome mural I found and maybe a couple other locales and then move on to a field of wildflowers as the sun starts to set behind hills. I hope we get some amazing shots. Because we changing locations I feel it's only appropriate to have an outfit change in the middle as well.

For downtown, we're going to go a little more formal. And for any of you that know Austin, formal isn't really all that fancy, just a little more than t-shirts. So here's what we'll be sportin':

Shirt: Kohls

The mister will be wearing this white and gray plaid shirt with jeans. We haven't decided on shoes yet.

Dress and Shoes: Target

I fell in love with this dress because the bottom part reminds me of an apron which is only appropriate for a baker lady like me!

For the wildflower field I wanted to do something more casual that really screams "us".

Shirt: Target, Sandals: Old Navy (I think)

I asked the mister to chose his favorite T-Shirt which just happened to be a super awesome Iron Man shirt I bought him for Christmas and he'll be wearing it with his favorite pair of jeans and some flip flops.

Shirts and sandals: Forever 21

I was gonna go the favorite t-shirt route too but then I decided none of my t-shirts were engagement photo worthy so what was a girl to do? Go shopping of course! I chose this shirt because if I could be anywhere it'd be London, plus it's got a heart on it so I thought it'd be cute. I'll be wearing it with my favorite pair of jeans too.

So what do ya'll think of our outfits? How'd you chose what you wanted to wear in your photos?


  1. Great finds lady! I love Target and Kohls and discount shopping all the way...Target is always my number one go to when I am looking for cute fashion and a low price. I can't wait to see the clothes in action!

  2. Thanks! I can't wait til the pics are posted. It was so much fun!