Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Theme Develops

I realized just this week that my wedding is actually taking on a theme. I definitely didn't have a clear vision when I started planning. I knew my colors - blue and yellow.

I knew I wanted classy, but casual. But apart from that, I had no clue. But over the last few months I've started collecting inspiration and have actually completed (or at least started) several DIY projects that I've noticed all fall into my new found theme.

I call it Texas chic. Texas Chic - adj. having country qualities while maintaining a sense of classiness. Does that make sense?

The lace on my dress has inspired some other lace details throughout the wedding which will keep it classy while elements like the mason jars and paper flowers will keep the even relaxed, laid back and Texan. Not to mention the delicious Tex-Mex fajitas we plan on serving (more on that decision later).

Wanna know what really made me realize my theme? I was perusing Martha Stewart's addictive wedding website this week and found this awesome idea for wedding favors.

This favor stood out for two reasons. One, I remember as a kid combing through my mom's basket of matches she collected and seeing many from people's weddings. Also, wildflowers are a big part of Texas, especially down here in Austin. (If you wanna know more check this out!) Could this be any more perfect?

This combined with another Texas themed favor I'm already planning on making will just add to the Texas flavor of our wedding! And thus a wedding theme is born. :)

Does your wedding have a theme? Did you have it from the beginning or did it develop as you went through the planning process?


  1. Cool idea, Jenn. I've seen seed packets before, but I love that these are DIY and shaped to look like matchbook covers!

  2. That's great! Don't you love it when things start to come together? I don't think I had a theme when I started planning, I had colors but those changed after a few months. I had a general idea of what I wanted, but the theme itself didn't begin to emerge until we booked the reception venue.

  3. Oooo what's your theme Nina?