Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wow...200 Days to Go!!!

I started planning our wedding with 441 days until the big day - October 23, 2010. I can't believe more than half that time has already passed. Craaazzy!

What better way to celebrate 200 days left than to recap what I've accomplished so far (and of course I'll go over what's left too)

Taken Care Of:
  • Venue
  • Catering (just need to sign the contract)
  • Flowers
  • My Dress
  • My accessories (jewelry, veil, garter, two pairs of shoes, undergarments)
  • Bridal party chosen
  • Officiant chosen
  • Sweetheart table deco complete
  • Save the Dates sent
  • Cake designed (groom's cake too)
  • Cake table decorations acquired
  • Photographer booked
  • Hair/make-up stylist booked
  • Hotel block set up
  • Wedding Website set up
  • Bridesmaid dresses purchased
  • First dance song chosen
  • Corsages for mother/grandmothers made
Not Taken Care Of (Yet):
  • Ceremony decor (aisle and arbor)
  • Invitations
  • Groomsmen not chosen
  • Groom-wear not chosen
  • Guest book not complete
  • Programs not complete
  • Card basket not complete
  • Seating assignments/favors not complete
  • Finish registering
  • Take engagement shots
  • Get dress altered
  • DJ not booked
  • Day-Of Timeline not complete
  • Booze not acquired
  • Sandal basket not complete
  • Boutonnieres not complete
  • Bridesmaid shoes not purchased
  • Attendant and parent gifts not purchased
  • Ceremony not written
  • Vows not written
  • Song list not complete
  • Centerpieces not complete
  • Out-of-Town bags not complete
Haha....wow, that's still a lot to do. But I think we're on track. We've completed a lot so far and many of the things on the "Not Complete" list are half started.

Do you think we're on track? How much did you have left to do with 200 days left of planning?


  1. We share a date so 200 days for us too! We have similar "not done yet" lists & I like to think we still have plenty of time :-) Our bridesmaid dresses will all be bought by 4/15. Our invites decided by 4/10 (there is a sale at the stationary store). We will have our engagement photos at the end of April and we have appointments with florists then too. Slowly but surely we're on track!

  2. ummm I feel so behind!!!! I have 170days left I think? Ahhh I have so much to do I do have the big things figured out, but really need to get on top of everything else..it's very hard when I don't have much help from family and friends. I need to start trucking through the weekends and rename them wedding planning days!

  3. Well loveisyouloveisus, I think I'm a bit ahead of the game because I am making the wedding cake and groom's cake myself. I'm trying to get everything done early so I can concentrate on the cakes. You'll get it all done. And I haven't had too much help from family and friends yet, but I do plan on utilizing them in the near future!