Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Whole New Veil

Remember this thing?

Yeah that was one of my first DIY projects - my veil. Well after writing about it, I promptly decided that I hated it. Welcome back to my indecisive world, how I've missed ya'll!

And thus began the search for the perfect veil. I decided to steer clear of the DIY veil again and just spring for an already assembled veil instead.

I still wanted a birdcage style veil. At least I haven't changed my mind on that matter. So I headed over to the ever-faithful I almost immediately found this veil and fell in love.

It's freakin' perfect! It's the same material as the bottom part of my dress and it really goes with the 1940s feel of my dress. The only thing I struggled with was the price.

Luckily I had already tried my hand at the DIY veil and knew it wasn't good so I took the plunge and added it to my shopping cart. And here's where the fun begins!

I waited anxiously for my veil to arrive and after two weeks it still hadn't arrived. Sad face. I sent the shop owner an email to see what was going on and she said the veil got returned to here the day before. The box had been marked undeliverable. What?!

We verified my address and she sent it again. Another two weeks later and still no veil. So I emailed again and again it had been returned. What the hell?!

Thankfully (and randomly) the shop owner lives in Austin and offered to allow me to come to her house to pick it up. Yay!!! So without further ado, here's my awesome, perfect, wonderful veil on me:

Please excuse the double chin and the hand/camera in face.

What do you think? Are you wearing a veil? Where did you go for veil inspiration? (SIDE NOTE: The seller's neighbors had ten peacocks living in their front yard....only in Austin)


  1. Very pretty! Glad you were able to go pick it up after all the postage confusion :-) I bought my dress and veil in Austin when I was there for 2 weeks on business. I bought them both at Belle Saison bridal. Tried them on together. Thought it looked good. Sold. haha

  2. Nice. I never did make it to that salon. Glad to hear you found what you were looking for!