Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Dress in Action!

Little ole me was perusing The Wedding Chicks Blog, one of my main wedding blog stops today and guess what I found?!?! My wedding dress in action!

I know I've posted tons of pictures of me in my dress, but other than that, the only picture I've seen of a girl in my dress is the one on David's Bridal.

And no offense to the David's Bridal model, but she looks slightly anorexic. I'm not what you'd call a skinny girl. I've got curves and I love them. My curves just make me nervous when I look at the model in my dress.

Enter Wedding Chicks! Check out this bride. She's wearing my dress and she's curvy.

I feel so much better about my dress choice now that I've seen it on this girl. I decided to Google my dress to see if I could find some other "real bride" photos. No such luck! Oh well.

Have you Google-d your dress? Have you found photos of other brides in your dress? Did it make you feel better about your choice?


  1. One of the bees on Weddingbee picked the same dress as what I want, and she posted a wedding with that dress in action.. I nearly screamed, because I have Googled that dress with no luck!

    I loooooooooove the back of that dress! So pretty!

  2. Thanks! What dress are you wearing or which bee was it?

  3. Thats an absolutely beautiful dress!